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College: Top Transfers So Far

Sarah Sponcil, shown above playing last year for LMU, is on the move to UCLA and could have a big role for the Bruins this fall.

Maybe not in sheer numbers, but in importance of moves it seems like this offseason has been busier with transfers then last spring.

With plenty of players switching teams, we tried to highlight and identify which moves will have the biggest impact, at least where things currently stand.

Here are eight transfers, in alphabetical order, that we think could be among the most important:

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  1. I agree with you about Taylor Louis. What a coup for Iowa–who unobtrusively won 9 Big-10 games and 19 overall–last year without a huge hitter–and will now be a force to reckon with, I predict.
    I think Gabby Simpson going to Kansas is a similarly huge move…and puts the Jayhawks at least solidly in the picture in the big 12 (though Texas seems pretty unstoppable.)
    I feel for Amber Macdonald, who despite being named captain of the Badgers, will be lucky to get much playing time, with all the back court players WI now has–now including Tiffany Clark!–…an embarrassment of defensive riches. Sheffield’s going to have a time keeping them all happy, and from some of them not transferring next year.

  2. Didn’t mean to be slighting Brobst or Mariani as hitters at Iowa last year, but Taylor Louis’s record as a bomber speaks for itself, as Chris pointed out.

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