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NCAA Student-Athletes in Focus as We #SaveOurSports (An Update)

Washington State (Photo courtesy of Washington State University Athletics)

Last week, we asked for members of the PrepVolleyball community to sign the petition to #SaveOurSports and we’re on the path to doing just that. The campaign was an effort led by the Intercollegiate Coach Association Coalition (ICAC) to deny the blanket waiver brought forth to the NCAA to reduce the number of required sponsored sports. In short, the ICAC represents a growing body that doesn’t want NCAA member institutions to be allowed to cut sports programs altogether.  

Since posting, the petition has received over 100,700 signatures
and the NCAA Division I Board of Directors met to discuss various issues
including membership requirements. The NCAA release stated, “Ultimately, the
groups decided that requirements that support student-athletes and
opportunities for participation are the most important.”

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