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College: PVB’s Top 25 Composite Poll

While the Big Ten trio continues to own the top spots, others inch up in the Top 10. Ohio State and Texas AM rejoin the Top 25. See the rest in the latest Composite Poll.

BYU climbed to No. 10 in this week's updated Composite Poll. (Courtesy of BYU Photo)

BYU climbed to No. 10 in this week’s updated Composite Poll. (Courtesy of BYU Photo)

There’s no doubt about it.

The dominance of the Big Ten trio – Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin – has taken some of the luster off of this year’s Composite Poll. Other than a few weeks ago when the three took turns holding down the No. 1 spot, there really hasn’t been much excitement near the top of the rankings.

There was shifting elsewhere, though.

Florida and Texas flip-flopped spots in the Top 5.

Kansas climbed one more spot to No. 6. Stanford rose another spot to No. 7. Both Washington and UCLA made strides in this week’s Top 25 and are tied for No. 8.

BYU is back in the Top 10, while North Carolina and Michigan State both moved up and ended tied for No. 11.

San Diego was the backwards mover this week, going from No. 7 to No. 13. Penn State dropped from No. 9 to No. 14.

Rejoining the Top 25 this week is Ohio State and Texas A&M. Falling out was Arizona. Only one team fell out because last week we had a tie for No. 25, so there were actually 26 teams last week.

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