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College Top 64: Glance at the Dance — Week 13

Stability at the top, chaos everywhere else. That characterizes the rankings after a crazy week not only of tournament play but in mid-major conferences that haven’t gotten to their tournaments yet. Evansville over Northern Iowa? Eastern Michigan running the table in the MAC as the fifth seed? Everything that happened is reflected in the rankings below.

You’ll want to check out our “Inside the College Top 64” article tomorrow to learn why there was so much movement in the rankings, why 11 new teams have joined, the most in more than two months, and why we kicked out teams from major conferences in favor of mid-major front runners who lost in their conference tournament championship matches!

Please note:’s College 64, which ranks 64 teams, does not strictly determine the top 64 teams in the nation; rather, it is a ranking of the 64 teams we project will play in the NCAA tournament. This unique concept both recognizes the top teams in the nation, which hail largely from the “Power 5” conferences, as well as teams from those mid-major conference and leagues that often struggle for attention. Via this ranking, we will be paying attention to how every team in every conference does week-by-week.

Without further ado, click here to view this week’s Top 64.

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