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College Top 64: Glance at the Dance — Week 2

There are changes at the top of this week’s College Top 64, as undefeated Wisconsin and BYU, which knocked off last week’s top two teams, Stanford and Texas, take their turn atop our rankings.

For anyone wondering about my ranking methodology, I describe my style, having ranked volleyball at the high school level for almost 20 years, as “cold and bloodless.” If Team A beats Team B, they have scoreboard and the rankings edge in the absence of other results-based factors. It may have been a fluke or Team B might have been beaten up or coming off of such a big win that it couldn’t get up for the next match. None of that is relevant to me. Scoreboard. Otherwise, the ranking isn’t so much a chronicle of what teams do over the course of the season as it is an assessment of a team’s personnel and outlook in a vacuum.  Simply put, once matches start results matter!

Please note:’s College 64, which ranks 64 teams, does not strictly determine the top 64 teams in the nation; rather, it is a ranking of the 64 teams we project will play in the NCAA tournament. This unique concept both recognizes the top teams in the nation, which hail largely from the “Power 5” conferences, as well as teams from those mid-major conference and leagues that often struggle for attention. Via this ranking, we will be paying attention to how every team in every conference does week-by-week.

Without further ado, click here to view this week’s Top 64.



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    September 3, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    “it will be a ranking of the 64 teams we project will play in the NCAA tournament, the field for which will be announced Nov. 25.”

    13 teams dropped out of your list of 64 and 13 new teams were inserted into the list. If I understand the above quote than means you have already been wrong 13 times.

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    John Tawa

    September 3, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    What a bizarre perspective! Of course I’ve been wrong! It’s a ranking, an assessment as of a moment in time, and it will change, often radically, every week.

    Let me ask you this, Palo Alto: Stanford was No. 1 last week before BYU beat them in five. Was I wrong to have had the Cardinal No. 1 now that they dropped after the loss?

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