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College Top 64: Glance at the Dance — Week 7

Another week, another week with BYU and Stanford 1-2 in the country. This may not change the rest of the year, as the Cougars and Cardinal are proving dominant in their respective conferences. No. 3 Pittsburgh and No. 7 Cal Poly are showing similar mastery over their conferences.

For most of the Big Ten and the Pac-12, the story is familiar: difficult challenges every week, with varying success. Teams in these conferences won’t have records as shiny because of it, but they belong at the top of the ranking. This week, you’ll find eight teams from the Pac and eight from the B1G among our top 27! 

Please note:’s College 64, which ranks 64 teams, does not strictly determine the top 64 teams in the nation; rather, it is a ranking of the 64 teams we project will play in the NCAA tournament. This unique concept both recognizes the top teams in the nation, which hail largely from the “Power 5” conferences, as well as teams from those mid-major conference and leagues that often struggle for attention. Via this ranking, we will be paying attention to how every team in every conference does week-by-week.

Without further ado, click here to view this week’s Top 64.

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