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There’s movement at the top for the third consecutive week.

With five ranking systems in play for our College Top 25 Composite PollTM, some take into consideration strength of schedule and winning on the road versus at home. Therefore, sometimes winning isn’t enough to keep a grip on your current spot.

Penn State felt the effects of this, sliding down to No. 2 after holding the top spot last week. Penn State’s weekend competition wasn’t as tough as it has been and so the Nittany Lions were hurt by it in one poll.

That messed with Penn State’s average enough to allow Texas to grab the No. 1 position in this week’s poll. The Longhorns become the third No. 1 in as many weeks, as Stanford opened up on top before being replaced by Penn State last week.

Carrying Texas is its strong schedule so far.

Three weeks in, it’s already been interesting to see the workings of the Composite Poll. For example, Florida’s composite average actually increased this week, from 4 to 5.2. That reflects the Gators falling in most of the rankings after losing to Hawaii.

Yet, Florida moved up from No. 4 to No. 2 in our Composite Poll this week despite its average increasing and the loss to Hawaii. Our Composite Poll is like golf, you want the lowest number possible.

Teams like Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin and BYU all watched their composite averages increase and fell in the poll despite none of them losing last week. Again, it factors back to one of the rankings taking into consideration strength of schedule.

With a couple teams moving out then, it meant Arizona State and UCLA jumping into the Top 10 for the first time this season. The Bruins’ averaged moved up from 18.8 to 10.8.

Crosstown rival USC moved up five spots, going from No. 9 to No. 4 as it bettered its average from 9. 4 to 5.4.

Falling out of the Top 25 this week was Purdue, Texas A&M and Colorado. In their place, with all three making their debuts, are Kansas State, SMU and Missouri.

Missouri makes for a good example what works about the Composite Poll.

Between the five rankings, Missouri’s average comes out to 32.4. That gets them to No. 25 in the Composite Poll. The Tigers didn’t receive any votes in the AVCA Coaches’ Poll, but their placement in the other four rankings was strong enough to get them ranked in our Composite Poll.

Does it mean Missouri would beat teams like Western Kentucky, Wichita State, Colorado and Texas A&M, all which received votes in the AVCA Coaches’ Poll? Of course not, but it’s interesting to see how the bottom slots of our Composite Poll get filled out.

No question the Penn States, Nebraskas and Floridas are going to garner the top spots. They are among the best teams in the country and the Composite Poll reflects that as well. But it always gets tougher and tougher the deeper you go in and trying to determine teams 15-30 and 31-50 has no easy solution most times.

So why a squad like Missouri might not be receiving any votes, clearly the Tigers are doing something in the other four rankings and it’s fun to watch how it has fluctuated week-to-week, even being just three weeks in.

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