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(Free) First Week of College Through Twitter

A look at the First Week Through Twitter:

It was normal business for Penn State, listening to what the coaches had to say:

There is something about lacing up new shoes and Maryland’s have arrived:

Ball State combined two awesome things – football and volleyball. Okay, not really, but it’s pretty cool playing volleyball on a football field:

Whichita State’s unofficial team motto for 2015 is Work Hard, Pool Party Harder:

Just a suggestion, but Creighton players should take the court with the masks on this season, for intimidation purposes:

This didn’t happen at your practice, unless your practice was with Nebraska:

ASU players enjoying time away from practice:

Texas is ready to go because the players say so:

Marquette taking in some downtime:

Northern Iowa keeping history alive:

Miami players are artists on and off the court:

Alabama handling media duties:

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