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On Sunday, programs across the country got together and spent their days in a variety of ways.

We bring you some of them:

Illinois secured PrepVolleyballcom’s No. 1 Recruiting Class of 2015, no wonder the players are all smiles.

This is our favorite because it was probably much cooler than anything you did that day. So congrats Missouri, you are Sunday’s hardcore winner.

Creighton gets it. Nothing says “We Are Family” more than a backyard team photo.

Does anybody else think Games of Thrones looking at Kansas in this shot? We also spy lots of empty plates. Food must be delicious.

Somebody at Purdue has a camera and isn’t afraid to use it.

Raise your hand if the chairs the Colorado players are sitting in are nicer than the one you have at home? Yeah, me too.

You know what sounds good? Some homecooking, just ask LSU.

Lighten up a little Dayton, this looks a little too studious.

Cal having some fun with the effects during its photo shoot.

Let’s hope Auburn doesn’t have quite the same attitude when it comes to leaving for road trips this season.

We can’t tell, but judging by the photo we are pretty sure whoever kicked the field goal nailed it.

Iowa sat through many meetings throughout the day. This was one of them.

Someone was super excited about this Ohio State team photo by the lake.

UCLA brings us this family touch, with parents and freshmen on moving day.

USC players together in the team room, doing whatever they are doing.

This looks like a wonderful time, a Penn State picnic party.

We wonder which player on the Wisconsin roster has the nicest handwriting?

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