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Lexi Sun Transfers To …

Lexi Sun, who was the Gatorade National Player of the Year two years ago as a senior at Santa Fe Christian and a former PVB No. 1 Senior Ace, is set to announce where she is transferring to after leaving Texas this past season.

When news broke of former top-rated Senior Ace Lexi Sun leaving Texas after just one season, there were not enough words to describe it.

The same can be said of today’s announcement. 

When Sun said she was transferring last month, it set off weeks of rumor, innuendo and speculation as to where the talented 6-2 outside who made the Big 12 First Team and All-Freshman Team would land. On Tuesday morning, PrepVolleyball received word that a decision had been made. However, we were under an agreed-upon embargo not to release any information until the school made it public. Now that it’s happened, wow!

Lexi Sun is going to play for Nebraska next fall.

“Lexi really provides depth at the outside hitter position, where we’re a little thin,” Nebraska coach John Cook said. “What I like most about her is her commitment and desire to be a great player. She has big dreams and goals at Nebraska and beyond Nebraska. She’s somebody that we want to develop into a six-rotation outside hitter, and she knows that’s the key for her to play international volleyball someday. She’s a 6-2, physically gifted athlete with a tremendous work ethic. I really admire that when she plays, you can see her passion and enjoyment for playing the game of volleyball. She’s always smiling, and she loves what she’s doing.”

Not sure anyone saw the Huskers as the new destination.

USC was the hot rumor, because of Sun’s connection to new Trojans assistant coach JJ Van Niel from their time together at Coast. Sun is friends with USC outside Khalia Lanier, also a former No. 1 Senior Ace. Instead, a program coming off a national championship – its second in three years – is right back in the conversation.

“After visiting Nebraska for the first time, I found that overall the program is the best fit for me when taking into consideration what the entire program has to offer,” Sun said. “I cannot wait to be a part of the enthusiastic Husker volleyball family and am so excited to experience it with my new teammates very soon. I want to thank my family, whom I consider my number one support system. I am so thankful to have them by my side in this journey. We all can’t wait to be Huskers.”

From a volleyball standpoint, Nebraska seems like a great fit. John Cook has clearly established the right kind of (winning) culture, and the Huskers have a huge need at outside next year. This would pair the explosive Sun with the steady Mikaela Foecke. With the young lineup Nebraska is going to field next season – setter Nicklin Hames is an incoming freshman – Foecke is going to be leaned on heavily to provide on-and-off court leadership for the underclassmen.

Sticking to the volleyball side, Sun transferring to Nebraska figures to put the Huskers right back in the thick of the national championship race. Losing Kelly Hunter was always going to be a difficult piece to say goodbye to. And it’s always challenging for a rookie setter like Hames to guide a team to the title. Yet, adding Sun not only gives Nebraska a dynamic offensive threat, but all signs point to Nebraska being able to run another balanced attack. Lauren Stivrins is back in the middle, while Nebraska has other options to start grooming at the other middle spot. Jazz Sweet is back on the right, while Megan Miller is coming on board from Munciana and could be an option at libero.

Since Sun announced her decision to leave Texas, there’s been plenty published on Volley Talk. Without addressing anything specifically, we will say you always need to be careful where information is coming from. One thing we work hard for at PrepVolleyball is for our readers to know and understand us as a credible source. Not everything put out on Volley Talk is credible, nor is some of it coming from people close to the situation. In other words, some of what’s on there is flat-out made up by people with nothing better to do. It’s unfortunate, and it’s even more unfortunate when it’s taken as truth and spread around. It’s always important to remember where info is coming from and where it was generated from.

We wish her all the best, as we do all the athletes we cover.



  1. Doug

    April 3, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Please tell my why any volleyball player in the country wouldn’t want to come to Nebraska? The have THE best facility in the country. They have THE best academic support system int eh country for their student-athletes. They have THE best attendance at their home games in the country. They play in THE best volleyball conference in the country. And they have been to 3 straight Final Fours and won 2 of the past 3 national championships. Until Cook retires, they will be a top 5 program every year. IMO

  2. Doug

    April 3, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    One more thing, Chris.. .. you really don’t appear to know much about Nebraska volleyball, in general, or next year’s team. Miller may be a great player, but Nebraska has a great L returning, who was brilliant starting every match a year ago. You don’t appear to know this. No do you appear to understand Sun and Lauren Strivins have known each other since they were young, so it isn’t like she is coming to Lincoln without knowing anyone. And lastly, your overall tone of shock is funny. . .you have no clue. Get away from the coast and see where real VB is being played.

  3. John Tawa

    John Tawa

    April 4, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Doug: did you miss this sentence in Chris’ story:

    “From a volleyball standpoint, Nebraska seems like a great fit.”

    I did not get the sense from the article that Chris was putting down the choice. I think to many of us, Nebraska seems a lot like Texas. I guess we thought if she was leaving Austin, it wouldn’t be for another program that shared many similarities but would be one closer to her home where those who grew up following her would be able to watch her play.

  4. Chris Tobolski

    April 4, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    You got me on the libero. I was writing that as I was preparing to come to Louisville to watch Megan Miller for the third time this season. I’m guilty of that error. If you want to hold that over my head and rail on me for not knowing much about Nebraska volleyball, you are certainly entitled to. Congrats on having the scoop of knowing where Lexi Sun was going ahead of time. I wish I had your sources to be sure. You are definitely the man for that! The reason I wrote about Lexi being friends with Khalia was the allure of having two former No. 1 Senior Aces on the same team. That would have been pretty cool when you work for I didn’t see the relevance in mentioning every other volleyball player that Lexi Sun is friends with. Again, if you want to hold this over my head as not knowing much about Nebraska volleyball, it’s your right to do so. … I will say, I have yet to see any proof of anyone else publishing in October that Nebraska was going to win it all last year like I did here on this site. What a West Coast honk I am, picking Nebraska two months ahead of time to win it all. You’re right. I really do need to get out of So Cal and understand where the real volleyball is being played (perhaps why I picked Nebraska to win it all last year). Anyways, I really appreciate you reading. You made my day! I’m always afraid of posting something and NOBODY reading it. What a nightmare that would be, but you definitely saved me from that and for that I thank you.

  5. Chris

    April 5, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Good Post! GBR!!!

  6. Ron

    April 23, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Chris, I understand your “allure” for thinking of Lexi and Khalia playing for the same team. But, maybe Lexi though more of the “allure” of playing with Mikaela Foecke, the 2015 national player of the year. After all, Mikaela has won 2 NCAA Championships and 2 Most Outstanding player awards. Lexi just might learn more being around Foecke.

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