Dear Volleyball, We Miss You

HJV’s Devan Taylor (16) writes one essay on what she misses most about volleyball.

We recently made an open call to athletes to submit a letter, essay, or poem about what they missed about volleyball. The best one, we said, would be published on We read each and every entry with a smile on our faces. Thank you to everyone who participated.

After much thought, we found our favorite, submitted by Kylie Wickley, a class of 2022 beach volleyball player from Alamo Heights HS in San Antonio, Texas. Below is her entry, as well as four other letters and essays that really make us miss our favorite sport.


Most of the players who wrote in said they missed their teammates who are like family. They feel like a piece of them is missing without volleyball. For many, volleyball is a distraction, “My favorite distraction,” said Jean Dixon (Lonestar VBC) – something they’d gladly welcome with what’s going on in the world. Kate Sebree (Premier VBA) so perfectly said that “life without volleyball is like eating an ice cream cone without the cherry on top.”

In living rooms everywhere, vases and picture frames are being shattered from playing inside. Abigail Telander (MN Select) said, “I hope, for my mom’s sake, the quarantine ends soon!” Us too! As Telander’s teammate Bree Swanson said, “COVID-19 can’t break our spirits – never. We won’t take volleyball for granted – ever!”


Here is our most loved entry by Kylie Wickley:

What I Miss Most About Volleyball

With COVID-19 going around the world, the everyday lives of people have drastically changed whether it be a student switching to online school, or a bustling workspace that turned into a barren landscape, or a hushed group of cubicles where it seems the soap and toilet paper is quickly running out.

For a young student-athlete like myself, who thrives in the chaotic daily mess of waking up early to lift, then sitting through a school day, to rushing over to a lesson, and shortly after, practicing, this change has been massive. My practice facility has been shut down by the city, for not being an “essential business,” but for a person who’s entire life revolves around volleyball, it seems, I have no idea what to do with myself other than tune into Instagram Live videos where my favorite Olympians demonstrate an at-home workout, read books, start a puzzle, stare at my phone for hours, or go on a jog through my neighborhood five times a day just to get out of the house. 

With so much time, I’ve been given so many opportunities to think, and with a large portion of it, volleyball has been the focus of my mind. Almost every day it seems, I’ve picked something new to miss, whether it be my friends, my coaches, being exhausted every day, the beauty of a platform being held after passing a ball, the sound of a play going on, the conversations that went on during stretching, the anger when a ball would hit the floor, and everyone would have to “get on the line,” or just getting to learn new things every day. So, what I miss most about volleyball isn’t just one thing, but so many things that I have always taken for granted, but now miss terribly.

Four More Love Notes Ahead…

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