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JN’s: No Caffeine Needed In NOLA; Other Things We Learned


If only wrapping up Junior Nationals was like wrapping Christmas presents.

I could just hand it to my mom and be done with it.

The single most impressive feat of the nine-day tournament might have been me making it through the whole thing without even as much as a drop of caffeine.

How good is Starbucks, by the way, that people wait an insanely long time for it? Or maybe I’m insanely off the mark because I would never be willing to wait that long?

I’m trying to think of the most satisfying beverage I experienced in my life and I’m honestly drawing blanks. If I can’t even remember my favorite beverage ever, it’s certainly not worth the wait, however long or short.

I’m happy to say at least I didn’t observe a single coach grasping their coffee while patrolling the sidelines.

Not that I’m against drinking coffee.

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