FieldLevel: The Recruiting Tool That Stands Apart

Helping athletes find college opportunities is an important role for coaches. However, it requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources from club and high school coaches to build relationships with college coaches, figure out their recruiting needs, and communicate efficiently and effectively with both college coaches, their players and parents, and their staff throughout the year.

And despite a rise in the number of tools available to coaches and teams, one platform seems to stand out from the rest: FieldLevel.

Built for both coaches and athletes, FieldLevel is a collaborative recruiting tool that helps club and high school coaches build their networks, manage their rosters, share their athlete evaluations with colleges, and recommend their athletes directly to college coaches. College coaches post their present and future recruiting needs directly on FieldLevel as well.

Unlike most recruiting services that exclude club and high school coaches from the process, sell college coaches’ contact info to athletes and parents, or charge hefty fees for a third-party consultant, FieldLevel helps coaches, athletes, and parents work together to navigate the recruiting process from any mobile device. What’s more, FieldLevel is free for coaches and athletes, offering optional premium features that can be accessed on a monthly or annual basis.

FieldLevel has reported having nearly 10,000 coaches and over 18,000 athletes on the women’s volleyball network. Since 2017, more than 2,800 athletes have marked themselves as committed on the app and so far this year, close to 1,000 college recruiting needs have been posted by coaches on FieldLevel.

High school and club coaches love using FieldLevel because it helps them build relationships with college coaches, learn about college recruiting needs, and find more opportunities and scholarships for their athletes easily from their computers and phones.

Here are a few club volleyball programs that have had success using FieldLevel:

Geoffrey Davis, director of H2 Sports Worldwide which represents over 600 athletes across four states, has used FieldLevel since 2016. Connecting with college coaches all over the country and accessing critical information about the recruiting needs of college programs, Davis sees the benefits for his athletes. He says:

“Good things are happening for these kids and I see that happening on FieldLevel. No one has time to find all this information and now I can go to one place to review all of it. Maybe you had no idea that ‘X-school’ was looking for a particular type of player. You can categorize schools and isolate programs that athletes are targeting and open up communication. Plus, I’m gradually bringing in new people to build relationships with in FieldLevel. Their platform keeps growing. The more people who are on it, the better opportunities kids have.”

Davis said that FieldLevel has even helped his seniors who were scrambling late in the recruiting process successfully find collegiate homes:

“There’s so much that flows through the platform and network. We’ve had a number of kids who are late 17s or 18s get offers to play because the opportunity came up through coaches. This year, the last two kids on my 18s team who committed all came from FieldLevel. There were probably 15-20 coaches who reached out to me about kids.”

View H2 Sports Worldwide’s Team Page

360 Volleyball head coach and recruiting coordinator Pherry Reed is based in Texas and has had over 60 athletes sign with colleges using FieldLevel. She says:

“FieldLevel is in my pocket. It’s accessible for me and I can talk to coaches at any time. We tried another recruiting service but it wasn’t great. This is quicker than most ways we were trying and cuts out a lot of unnecessary steps. I can multitask and focus on more than one kid at a time.”

So how much does such a service like this cost? FieldLevel is free for coaches and athletes, offering optional premium features. FieldLevel’s premium features help athletes see which colleges are interacting with their profiles, understand how athletes match with college programs athletically and academically, communicate with college coaches who are interested, and more.

Reed says that their athletes have success using both the free and premium versions of FieldLevel:

“A lot of our girls were paying other services without much traffic. We have success on FieldLevel with the free version. Once we start seeing activity from college coaches viewing our athletes’ profiles or watching their videos, parents are happy and willing to pay for the upgrade. Once I got on FieldLevel, it was easy, affordable, and there are so many coaches on one platform.”

View 360 Volleyball’s Team Page

Kim Norman of High Country VBC agrees that the needs list on FieldLevel has saved her time and opened up possibilities for her athletes:

“Being able to see scholarships that are open and get our players in contact [with those colleges] has been helpful. I’ve never had a kid not get a scholarship who wanted one, but it was a lot of work with spreadsheets and time. If an athlete says they’re interested in playing somewhere, I go look and see what’s available for what they want.”

While Norman and her staff utilize a number of methods to help their athletes with recruiting, FieldLevel has become a very powerful tool for their program:

“Our kids use multiple platforms, but right now for me and my recruiting coordinator, I’m pretty much exclusively using FieldLevel because it’s easy to connect the player with the need.”

View High Country VBC’s Team Page

To learn more about how FieldLevel works and can benefit you, visit If you have any questions or would like a demo, you can reach out to their friendly staff, here.

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