Best Play of the 2020 Club Season: Round 2

Welcome to the! Vote on today’s matchups in the Best Play 2020 competition. Check out the matchups below from round one and then vote in the form at the bottom of the page. 

Round Two Match 1: Courtney Jones (Circle City) vs. Abby Schomers (Nebraska Elite)

Round 2 Match 2: Kayla Browne (Maryland Juniors) vs. Norah Shattan (Northeast VBC)

Round 2 Match 3: Emily Canaan/Jailen Hurley (Dallas Skyline) vs. Maddie LaFata (Ozark Juniors)

Round 2 Match 4: Jordyn Williams (TAV) vs. Lindsey Krause (Premier Nebraska)

Round 2 Match 5: Breklyn Pulling (Colorado Juniors) vs. Julia Humphrey (Piedmont VBC)

Round 2 Match 6: Cooper Abney (A5 Volleyball) vs. Chandler Parker (A5 Volleyball)

Round 2 Match 7: Madison Grimm (Mintonette Sports) vs. Bri Wortman (HPSTL)

Round 2 Match 8: Aivry ‘Lali’ Makaiwi (Vegas United) vs. Emilee Marten (1st Alliance/Lions Jrs.)

You Can vote on all of today’s matchups on our TwitterInstagram, and down below!

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