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PrepVolleyball 2023 Club Watchlist

Nominations for the 2023 Club Watchlist are open!

In a follow-up to the watchlist series from the fall’s high school season, we will feature a series of athletes that will be competing in the 15s and 16s age divisions during the soon-arriving qualification cycle that are sure to make a splash.

This watchlist is going to be geared toward athletes on the rise, who may be playing outside the age group that corresponds with their graduation year, newcomers to the scene, and those who may have otherwise flown under the at-large national radar. The watchlist is not a ranking or a nomination for awards, but an opportunity to highlight athletes who are on the cusp of becoming well-known names in the volleyball world, as well as a chance for us to begin the leg work of uncovering those players who could be the next big thing moving forward.

Club directors, recruiting coordinators, and coaches are welcome to submit athletes to be on the look out for, via the Club Watchlist Form. Athletes from both the 15s and 16s divisions may be turned in on the same form in order to streamline the submission process.

Questions, and photo submissions that exceed form limit can be directed to Sam (, Re: Club Watchlist)


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