Recruiting Rankings Return!

Recruiting Class Rankings For 2023 return next week!

The Recruiting Class Rankings are back! Every month, we will be releasing the Top 30 Recruiting Rankings in a two-part rolling format, No. 1-15 and No. 16-30. As new impactful commitments are announced, the rankings will change. They will also change when the next edition of our Top 150 Player Rankings is released. will be updating the college Recruiting Class Rankings every month based on the information we have. As our recent commitments are updated and expanded, so too will be the Recruiting Class Rankings every month from the beginning of the high school season until the end of the club season.

Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we can talk about the best collective groups of athletes now. As players approach high school graduation and they look ahead to playing on their respective college teams, their place among their peers, in theory, will essentially be the same as their projection at the next level (with the exception of some raw potential-type athletes!). That’s why both the Recruiting Class Rankings and The Top 150 Players will help recognize and confirm the top players and recruiting classes in the country.

Next week we will deliver 15 ranked programs from No. 15- to No. 30, with the next 15 more programs to come the following week. It will be the first installment of this season’s rolling class rankings! So let the commitments commence, and let the games begin! 

If you, your player, or your child has committed to play at the collegiate level, please send commitments and photos to Sam will be running both our Recent Commitments and Master Commitment List

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