State By State Return to Play Update: Delaware Flips the Script and More

Padua Academy, last year’s Delaware State Champions has another season to celebrate. The high school season, previously delayed until December, might be back on track for a more traditional timeframe.

Welcome back to another State By State Return to Play Update. We have some major moves to announce today from the Northeast including Delaware, Maine, and New York. After the latest updates, you can also check out a simplified list with the status of each state as of today.

Delaware – The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) recently voted to allow a list of fall sports including volleyball to begin practice on Monday, September 28, with competitions beginning on October 12. However, the move cannot be confirmed until it is approved, along with a list of policies and safety procedures, by the Delaware State Board of Education. In addition to the policy and procedure materials, the BOE will also be receiving a 240 page signed petition by parents, students, and community, and a survey from school superintendents. Should the BOE approve the move, the season would begin in two weeks’ time rather than the prior postponement timeframe of December. 

Maine – On Thursday September 10, the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) confirmed that most sports would be moving forward this Fall, however volleyball did not make that list. According to the MPA, “The 2020 Volleyball season has been postponed to the spring of 2021 with date to be determined. The following allows coaches to work with their players in the fall for outdoor play only, which will not count toward a season of eligibility.” The rest of the press release can be read here

New York – After weeks of treading water in the unknown, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) finally committed to a decision on September 9. That decision was to postpone the girls’ volleyball season until March 1, 2021. According to Dr. Robert Zayas, executive director of the NYSPHSAA, “We’ve spent two days speaking with nearly 500 athletic directors across the state and it’s clear that administering high-risk fall sports during the COVID-19 pandemic presents a significant challenge for our member schools.”

He continued, “These are unprecedented times and unfortunately, difficult decisions will have to be made to address this ongoing crisis. We continue to stay committed to providing support to our member schools and quality participation experiences for the students we serve.” The Empire State had been arguing amongst itself as to whether volleyball or Fall sports in general were safe to play during the pandemic, and went as far as Suffolk County independentally postponing sports across the county until 2021 before a decision was made. On the opposite side of the argument, coaches such as Burnt Hills-Ballston Spa’s Gary Bynon, who is president of the New York State Volleyball Coaches Association, went to bat for volleyball, asking for explanation as to why it was categorized as a high-risk sport even though it is non-contact. 


50 State Bulletpoint Update: 

  • Alabama – Currently In Season, as of August 20, State Tournament Dates Oct. 28-29
  • Alaska – In season as of August 20, State Tournament Dates Nov. 12-14
  • Arizona – Competition starts Sept. 21, State Tournament Dates TBD
  • Arkansas – In season as of August 24, State Tournament Dates Oct. 27-29
  • California – Postponed Start Dates of Dec. 2020/January 2021 State Tournament Dates March 16/18/20 2021
  • Colorado – Postponed season Start Date of March 3, State Tournament Dates TBD (End of April)
  • Connecticut – First Contest Date: Oct. 1, State Tournament Dates: TBD (Between Nov. 7-21)
  • Delaware – Competition Start Date: Oct. 12 (Awaiting State Approval) State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • District of Columbia – Competition Start Date: February 22, State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • Florida – In season as of Sept. 4, State Tournament Dates: State Semifinal: Nov. 7, Finals Nov. 13-14
  • Georgia – In season as of August 8, State Tournament Dates: 10/20-21, State Championship Nov. 7
  • Hawaii – Season Postponed Until January
  • Idaho – In season since August 26, State Tournament Dates: October 30-31
  • Illinois – Illinois will play from Feb. 15, 2021 to May 1. 
  • Indiana – In season since August 15, State Tournament Finals: Nov. 7
  • Iowa – In season since August 10, State Tournament Dates: Oct. 19-28
  • Kansas – Competition began August 28, State Tournament Dates: 10/30-10/31
  • Kentucky – Competition began Sept. 7, State Tournament Dates; Nov. 6-8
  • Louisiana – Competition Began Sept. 8, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 11-14
  • Maine – Season Postponed to undisclosed date in 2021.  
  • Maryland – Season Postponed, competition dates will span March 15 through May 8, 2020. 
  • Massachusetts – Season will span from Sept. 18 through Nov. 20 with no state sponsored tournaments
  • Michigan – Competition began (technically) on Aug. 21, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 19-21
  • Mississippi – Competition began on August 24, State Championship: Oct. 24
  • Missouri – Season started on August 10, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 5-7
  • Montana – Practices began August 13/14, competition began August 27. State Tournament Dates: Nov. 12-14
  • Nebraska – Competition began Aug. 27, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 5-7
  • Nevada – Postponed season set to begin February 20, 2021 and end on April 10.
  • New Hampshire – Season set to begin Sept. 18, State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • New Jersey – Season postponed until February 15, 2021 with no state tournament
  • New Mexico – Season scheduled to begin October 5 with no state tournament
  • New York – Season postponed until March 1 with no state championships. 
  • North Carolina – Season Postponed until November. Matches are set to begin Nov. 16 and end by Jan. 8. 
  • North Dakota – Practices began on August 17 for volleyball. State Tournament Dates are Nov. 19-21
  • Ohio – Competition began on August 24. State Tournament Dates are Nov. 12-14
  • Oklahoma – Season began August 10, State Tournament Dates are Oct. 9-20
  • Oregon – Season postponed until February 22, 2021
  • Pennsylvania – Competition began on Sept. 11, State Tournament Dates are Nov. 5-10 
  • Rhode Island – Season canceled with potential for late Fall rescheduling. 
  • South Carolina – Competition began on Sept. 7, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 4-7 
  • South Dakota – Season began Aug. 13, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 19-21
  • Tennessee – First contest date was Aug. 17, State Tournament Dates: Oct. 20-22
  • Texas – Class 6A and 5A volleyball had a delayed start date of September 7. Class 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A began on August 3. The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) began on September 8. There is no tournament season. State Tournament Dates are: Nov. 21 (1A-4A). 5A and 6A dates are Dec. 12. 
  • Utah – Competition began on Aug. 13, State Tournament Dates are: Oct. 27-28 (3A/4A), Oct. 30 (1A/2A), and Nov. 5-7 (5A/6A). 
  • Vermont – Season began September 8 (all competition will be outdoors) with no state tournament. 
  • Virginia – Season postponed and set to begin February 15, 2021 with matches starting March 1. The VHSL has yet to confirm whether the delayed sports season would have a post-season.
  • Washington – Season has been postponed and will begin in early March, ending in Early May. 
  • West Virginia – Volleyball began competition on September 2. State Tournament Dates are: Nov. 15-16 
  • Wisconsin – Competition for Fall season begins Sept. 15, with State Tournament dates of Nov. 5-7. Alternate Spring season is scheduled to begin March 2 with the State Tournament the week of April 12. 
  • Wyoming – Competition began Aug. 27 with State Tournament dates of Nov. 4-7. 


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