State By State Return to Play Update: Maryland and Minnesota Confirm Fall Seasons

Class 3A reigning champion Wayzata High has a new reason to rejoice as Fall volleyball has been reinstated in Minnesota.

We’re back again with another State By State Return to Play Update. We’ve got big updates from Maryland and Minnesota. After the latest updates, you can also check out a simplified list with each state’s status as of today as well. So let’s get started. 

Maryland – On Thursday, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon made the exciting announcement that Fall sports, including volleyball, would be returning in October. After continuous pressure from parents and athletes, Salmon and Governor Larry Hogan were compelled to take another look at the decision to postpone the high school sports season. According to the Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association (MPSSAA) press release, “The decision of the State Superintendent was reached after recent discussions with the State Board of Education, the 24 local school system Superintendents, the Executive Director of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), parents, and other stakeholders. Additional considerations included current health metrics and guidance provided by the Maryland Department of Health.” The Fall season begins on October 7 and runs until December 12, with postseason play scheduled for December 14-19. The MPSSAA posted the following tweet to announce the big move:

Minnesota – On Monday, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) board voted to return high sports to the Fall. In a 14-4 vote, it was confirmed that volleyball would be allowed to resume with an 11 week season. However, there was no mention of a postseason format. Volleyball is set to begin practice on September 28, with matches starting October 8. There has been no word yet on a postseason format. The decision was prompted by an emergency meeting and a vote, in which 80 percent of 394 member schools voted yes to having a Fall sports season. In a news release from the MSHSL, board of directors president Blaine Novak stated, “The Minnesota State High School League continues to work to provide educational opportunities for our student-athletes in the safest manner possible for all involved. Coming into the meeting, we knew that every decision we make affects every other decision for the rest of the calendar year. Today’s decision, based on what we currently know and with the unknowns of what spring will bring, is based on the belief that playing now provides us the best opportunity to play a football and volleyball season.”


50 State Bulletpoint Update: 

  • Alabama – Currently In Season, as of August 20, State Tournament Dates Oct. 28-29
  • Alaska – In season as of August 20, State Tournament Dates Nov. 12-14
  • Arizona – Competition starts September 21, State Tournament Dates TBD
  • Arkansas – In season as of August 24, State Tournament Dates Oct. 27-29
  • California – Postponed Start Dates of Dec. 2020/January 2021 State Tournament Dates March 16/18/20 2021
  • Colorado – Postponed season Start Date of March 3, State Tournament Dates TBD (End of April)
  • Connecticut – First Contest Date: October 1, State Tournament Dates: TBD (Between Nov. 7-21)
  • Delaware – Competition Start Date: October 12 (Awaiting State Approval) State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • District of Columbia – Competition Start Date: February 22, State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • Florida – In season as of September 4, State Tournament Dates: State Semifinal: November 7, Finals Nov. 13-14
  • Georgia – In season as of August 8, State Tournament Dates: 10/20-21, State Championship November 7
  • Hawaii – Season Postponed Until January
  • Idaho – In season since August 26, State Tournament Dates: October 30-31
  • Illinois – Illinois will play from February 15, 2021 to May 1. 
  • Indiana – In season since August 15, State Tournament Finals: November 7
  • Iowa – In season since August 10, State Tournament Dates: Oct. 19-28
  • Kansas – Competition began August 28, State Tournament Dates: 10/30-10/31
  • Kentucky – Competition began September 7, State Tournament Dates; Nov. 6-8
  • Louisiana – Competition Began September 8, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 11-14
  • Maine – Season Postponed to undisclosed date in 2021.  
  • Maryland – Season reinstated beginning Oct. 7 and postseason will span from Dec. 14-19
  • Massachusetts – Season will span from September 18 through November 20 with no state sponsored tournaments
  • Michigan – Competition began (technically) on August 21, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 19-21
  • Minnesota – Practices will begin Sep. 28, competition Oct. 8. No word yet on postseason.
  • Mississippi – Competition began on August 24, State Championship: October 24
  • Missouri – Season started on August 10, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 5-7
  • Montana – Practices began August 13/14, competition began August 27. State Tournament Dates: Nov. 12-14
  • Nebraska – Competition began August 27, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 5-7
  • Nevada – Postponed season set to begin February 20, 2021 and end on April 10.
  • New Hampshire – Season set to begin September 18, State Tournament Dates: TBD
  • New Jersey – Season postponed until February 15, 2021 with no state tournament
  • New Mexico – Season scheduled to begin October 5 with no state tournament
  • New York – Season postponed until March 1 with no state championships. 
  • North Carolina – Season Postponed until November. Matches are set to begin November 16 and end by January 8. 
  • North Dakota – Practices began on August 17 for volleyball. State Tournament Dates are Nov. 19-21
  • Ohio – Competition began on August 24. State Tournament Dates are Nov. 12-14
  • Oklahoma – Season began August 10, State Tournament Dates are Oct. 9-20
  • Oregon – Season postponed until February 22, 2021
  • Pennsylvania – Competition began on September 11, State Tournament Dates are Nov. 5-10 
  • Rhode Island – Season canceled with potential for late Fall rescheduling. 
  • South Carolina – Competition began on September 7, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 4-7 
  • South Dakota – Season began August 13, State Tournament Dates: Nov. 19-21
  • Tennessee – First contest date was August 17, State Tournament Dates: Oct. 20-22
  • Texas – Class 6A and 5A volleyball had a delayed start date of September 7. Class 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A began on August 3. The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) began on September 8. There is no tournament season. State Tournament Dates are: November 21 (1A-4A). 5A and 6A dates are December 12. 
  • Utah – Competition began on August 13, State Tournament Dates are: Oct. 27-28 (3A/4A), October 30 (1A/2A), and Nov. 5-7 (5A/6A). 
  • Vermont – Season began September 8 (all competition will be outdoors) with no state tournament. 
  • Virginia – Season postponed and set to begin February 15, 2021 with matches starting March 1. The VHSL has yet to confirm whether the delayed sports season would have a postseason.
  • Washington – Season has been postponed and will begin in early March, ending in Early May. 
  • West Virginia – Volleyball began competition on September 2. State Tournament Dates are: Nov. 15-16 
  • Wisconsin – Competition for Fall season begins September 15, with State Tournament dates of Nov. 5-7. Alternate Spring season is scheduled to begin March 2 with the State Tournament the week of April 12. 
  • Wyoming – Competition began August 27 with State Tournament dates of Nov. 4-7. 
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