Andi Collins Award’s Andi Collins Award Finalists (2018)

Tori Carpenter helped Brentwood to another state title as the Tennessee setter is among our finalists for this year’s Andi Collins Award.

Andi Collins wanted to be the best setter in the nation. Cancer ended that dream Sept. 4, 2003, a month shy of her 17th birthday. The Andi Collins Award, presented in her honor and memory, recognizes the best senior setter in the nation.

Below are 25 more than worthy finalists, narrowed from our original list of candidates.

Please note: you won’t find players below who were not pure setters. If you hit as much as you set in high school or if you hit exclusively but will be a setter in club or college, this was not the list for you. Andi Collins was a pure setter and with so many good ones to choose from, we want to honor Andi’s legacy by choosing someone who emulated her.

Finalists for Andi Collins Award to Nation’s Top Senior Setter

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