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Coaching 101 and the What Ifs?

As a coach, you wonder sometimes.

What if?

What if I would have made this choice, or that one? What if I would have kept this player, and not that one? What if?

But you can’t, as a coach, let these unknowns run your program.

You can’t control yesterday. It’s gone. You can only control today. You can only control tomorrow. Do overs are for mis-hits, not mistakes. We live and learn. Just like we want our players to learn from their mistakes, we need to learn as well. Nobody is perfect. And if we can forgive our players, we have to forgive ourselves.

I learn every day. I get taught lessons from trial and error. And trust me: there are a lot of errors. That’s to be expected when you run a program with 30-plus individuals who make up a unit. You can’t treat each one the same, and at the same time you try to not treat them differently.

So it’s coaching 101 every season.

I’ve tried the “pleasing everyone” approach. Not good. And I’ve tried the “please myself” approach. Equally as bad. It seems there’s no cut and dry.

So, we live with the mistakes and try and put them behind us.

Like yesterday.

And hopefully, make better decisions based on them.

Like tomorrow.

But, I don’t think you’ll ever not wonder…what if?

After more than 10 years of High School and Club, I still do.

And so we…..

Trade the want to,
Trade the wish you would have,
The ‘why not me?’
For the ‘glad I did.’
For the it’s about time.
For the finally.
Trade the want to.
For the want no more.


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