Defensive Dandies

2019 Defensive Dandies Part I: Dandy Lions

This is Part I of our Defensive Dandies recognition. We call Part I our "Dandy Lions." The players on this list are all-around high school or club talents who project as back row animals at the collegiate level. Basically, if they can dig it up at an elite level but played all the way around for high school and/or club, they're on this list (provided a coach nominated them, of course).  

The Dandy Lions list is presented in six teams of 13 (because kids like to be on a team) with everyone else receiving Honorable Mention recognition. The designation is largely subjective, I’ll admit, because it’s much more difficult to determine who is the absolute best in the back row than, say, an outside hitter, whose height, jumping ability and power provide discriminating measuring sticks. I gave deference to seniors and to those players whom college coaches have determined are the best of the best in the backcourt.

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