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For Fan No. 1

This picture was taken Senior Night by a parent.

[Editor’s note: Tim O’Connell is a fourth-year head coach at DuPont Manual HS in Louisville and a longtime club coach for Asics KiVA. He submits articles on coaching and life periodically. Below is the most recent. Enjoy.]

A No. 1 fan.

She said in her caption things like, “It goes so fast,” And “I remember ….”

And she was right.

As a coach I see them come and go. I’ve been thru so many Senior Nights, and as much as I hate to see them leave, there’s always next year.

But, not for a No. 1 fan.

Not when it’s your favorite player leaving.

So, this letter is written to every No. 1 fan whose favorite is moving on.

To a No. 1 fan.


Last games.

They’re tough. Tough as a player, but tougher to their No. 1 fan.

No. 1 fans don’t get the parades. They don’t get the flowers, or the hugs. They don’t get the recognitions.

But, they do get the memories.

They’ve been there for the biggest wins and the heartbreaks. They’ve bought the pickles after a hard fought match. The frosties to celebrate. The fries when that was needed as a bandaid. They’ve wiped away the tears.

From their favorites face, and their own, too.

No. 1 fans may not get the props that their favorite players get, but they get the memories.

They MAKE the memories.

You are as important as any part of the career of your favorite player.

I hope you know that.


A former No. 1 fan.

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