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High Fives! Q&A With Annabelle Archer

[Today, we continue our High Five series around the number 5 with some more Q&A stories about interesting HS players. I asked them to answer five questions from the 20 I sent their way. Enjoy this one with Annabelle, a future Tar Heel setter!]

Q: What was your favorite Halloween costume you wore when younger?

My favorite Halloween costume I wore when I was younger was Wonder Woman because I thought she was the coolest person ever and she’s a total stud.


Q: After you committed, who in your family (besides you) wore your college gear first?

After I committed, my 15 year old sophomore brother wore a UNC shirt to school literally the next day. 


Q: What’s more important to you once college is done, career or family? Explain.

Career is definitely more important to me after college because I really want to be a doctor and I can’t wait to see how that happens!


Q: Would you rather be the Gatorade National Player of the Year as a senior or win a state title?

I would rather win a state title because winning that would be with all of my teammates around me and I think that’s more important than anything and we’ve all worked so hard for it. 


Q: What’s the single funniest thing you’ve ever seen in volleyball?

The single funniest thing I have seen in volleyball is actually something I did… apparently I didn’t tie my shoe tight enough and I ran to go get a ball but face planted instead as my shoe flew into the bleachers.

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