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ASICS Challenge: Rockets Take Off On Championship Day

Assumption collects its third National-level tournament Gold medals in Chicago

As the first day of the ASICS Challenge in Chicago was winding down, I was able to speak with several coaches who had made it to the Gold bracket on Saturday. From almost all of them, I was asked if No. 1 Assumption had also made it through (yes, definitely). Then, “Are they beatable?” and, “How are they so good?”

Sure, they’re beatable because anything can happen in sports and because you could have a really good day and they could simply not. They’re good because they’re tall and aggressive players with high volleyball IQs and are skilled at every position. They have depth on the bench to push the starters in practice and a maturity that comes with staying on top of the rest of the competition. But, so do some of the other best teams in the country, which leads me back to point one: anything can happen if doubt is not in the way.

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