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Durango’s Deepest Field Yet And Day 1 Upsets

Elena Oglivie (9) and Iolani did move on as a No. 1 team in its pool on Day 1, but some weren’t so fortunate and saw their chances at the Top 16 vanish.

Expanding from 48 to 64 teams in 2013 brought about one major change at the Durango Fall Classic. More than ever before the new format that came with it placed a premium on winning on Day 1, for the safety net was removed.

Never was the impact of that switch felt more than in 2016 when defending champion Assumption lost the first match of the tournament to St. Ignatius and as a result failed to make the Top 16, which famously takes place Saturday at Durango High School. Prior to the field growing to 64, when the field of 48 predicated three-team pools, Assumption still would have held a shot at advancing through a crossover match by beating a first-place team from another pool. But moving to four-team pools also meant schools could only advance to the Top 16 by winning the pool, as there were no more crossover matches in case a top-ranked team slipped up.

What does any of this have to do with this year’s version of the Durango Fall Classic?


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