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First 2018 HS State Champion Disrupts Five-Peat Dreams

Hartfield Academy (MS) is our first 2018 State Champion

The girls’ volleyball community has our first 2018 High School State Champion as of October 3 in Mississippi… and we're here to report on it nearly a week later. Perhaps it was our oversight that it simply seems too soon for the post-season to be wrapped up, but it's absolutely a story that can set the tone for other State title upsets to be achieved throughout the rest of the country's post-season competition.

Mississippi was one of the first states to kick off its volleyball season this year, and the country’s first State Champion, Hartfield Academy, is a part of the Mississippi Association Independent Schools (MAIS) division, which is made up of just nine teams... so, it makes sense that they would finish their season when it seems much too early for every other high school team.

Still, the Hawks have had their trials to get to the top, having to upset a four-time MAIS Champion and playing several of the larger 6A public schools this year to fill out its schedule.

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