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HS Midwest Regional Report

Ryle (KY) hosted a Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser match in memory of senior Brooke Hall’s sister, who passed away from CF last year. The match’s proceeds went to CF research in her memory.

We've had a look at each state and region before the season began and asked coaches to give us a peek at their rosters and speculate their future success. Now that teams have had the chance to compete against league rivals and test their preseason assessments, we are checking back in and will deliver a Regional Report each week or so.

Note that this isn’t meant to be predictive of State Champions or inclusive of every top team in the Region. It is based on both coach feedback (which, some Regions and Classes are more inclined to do) as well as research to answer the question, "So, what's been going on around these parts?" 

Here, we look at the Midwest Region, and we’ve included the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin… Yes, we know the Midwest is technically bigger than these seven states in the middle of the country, but we’ll create another region for those not included.

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