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Power 25: October 22

Welcome to round five of our PrepVolleyball.com weekly ranking of the country’s top 25 performing teams, The Power 25. Every week, teams will have the opportunity to climb the ladder based on their quality of play, consistency, and weekly success. 

Indiana’s Hamilton Southeastern is holding strong atop the Power 25. But a soon to be Texas invasion could change all that with the large school seasons in full swing. As a reminder, this is a weekly power ranking, teams can change spots quickly, based on big wins and losses, seasons ending, and later seasons getting up to speed. So, don't be surprised if by the end of the Fall, the weekly Power 25 looks completely different. This season is different than every other we've seen, and so is the Power 25. So strap in and get ready to continue our wild ride.

Please note: Coaches who want their teams considered for the Power 25 each week must email Jimmy Pompeo (jpompeo@prepvolleyball.com) or Sloane Green (Sgreen@prepvolleyball.com). Following every top team in the country is a tough task, but we want to allow every team to make its case. 

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