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Reese Bates Inspires Through Social Media

Reese Bates has made the most of her time at home and quarantine by using her garage gym to polish her skills.

Sophomore Reese Bates can be seen juggling a volleyball on a balance board, paddleboard, skateboard, in the snow, and as she dances her way through an agility ladder. Her garage training videos have been re-tweeted and shared hundreds of times, and she’s created new challenges and excitement around working out at home.

She’s gotten the attention of other athletes her age as well as USA Volleyball, the FIVB, beach volleyball pro Kerri Walsh Jennings, and more. She had the opportunity to interview Walsh Jennings and recently went to a beach volleyball camp in Florida hosted by her and her partner Brooke Sweat.

“I started this to inspire people,” said Bates, “but I never
expected to get noticed like this. I feel like I’m doing what God wants me to
do and inspire more people to keep going.”

Bates, from Overland Park, Kansas, is an OH at Blue
Valley Southwest HS
and plays libero for Topeka Impact VBC. She also
sets and plays beach volleyball.

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