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Set for Success: Preseason Traditions Prepare Teams to Thrive

Brandon HS cools down to heat up its season

Preseason is the grueling portion before high school volleyball officially kicks off, and is necessary to build a solid foundation so that teams can flourish throughout the season. Not only does this include coaches incorporating volleyball systems and players working on new skills, but it is also the best time to build a team’s culture and chemistry. There have been many-a-coach who has realized too late in the season that he or she should have done more to bring the team closer together.

While there doesn’t seem to be too much time in between the club and high school seasons anymore, the coaches we spoke to feel like it’s critical to put in off-court work in the preseason to ensure the group stays strong, together, through post-season play.

Perhaps you might find an idea or two to use on your own.  Below are some team chemistry-inducing activities that successful high school coaches around the country are doing to invest in their players and team before the first official serve of the season.

(And, kudos to these coaches who value the simple pleasures of being a teenager!)

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