National HS Rankings

Final 2019 National High School Team Rankings

Missouri Class 4 champion Nixa is the background for the final national rankings of 2019 presents the “Behemoth,” our final high school rankings of 2019, topped by California Open Division champion Torrey Pines, our mythical National Champion! You will find our rationale for choosing the Falcons over Byron Nelson (Texas) and Benet Academy (Illinois) below.

Once again this year, we rank, by number, only the top 250 nationally, compared to 1,000 or more schools historically. There are several reasons for this, including massive stress reduction on the author, but hopefully we more than make up for it by ranking the top teams (at least 5, sometimes 50) in all of the states plus the District of Columbia. That’s more than 1,300 teams in all!

Thanks to the many, many coaches who helped me delve deeply into the state-by-state lists. Your dedication was invaluable and greatly appreciated! Look for the state-by-state ranking tomorrow.

Some fun facts:

*Fifty-seven teams (57) that started in our pre-season top 100 are ranked in the final top 100.

*Two in the pre-season top 25, No. 20 Hamilton (Arizona) and No. 21 Millard North (Nebraska), failed to make the final Top 100.

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