National HS Rankings

High School National Power 30: October 25

Week six of the National Rankings is up and we’ve got a new addition!

Welcome to week eight of our weekly ranking of the country’s top 30 performing teams, The Power 30. Every week, teams will have the opportunity to climb the ladder based on their quality of play, consistency, and weekly success. There were just a few changes in the rankings this week, as we close in on the end of the season, we're pulling out the magnifying class in preparation to scour the country for our Top 100 High School Team Rankings. Stay tuned.

As usual, keep an eye out for our weekly breakdown entitled 'Inside The Power 30,' in which take a closer look at all the movers and shakers from the week's performance leading up to the release of the rankings.

Remember, these rankings are meant to create conversation and excitement, as well as celebrate those teams that have found success this season. They hold no bearing on a team or player's self-worth and are not meant to be negatively critical. They are meant to be fun, not frustrating, so please keep all negative comments at bay.

Please note: Coaches who want their teams considered for the Power 30 each week, or are seeking corrections to statistics or records, must email Jimmy Pompeo ( or Sam Haimann ( Following every top team in the country is a tough task, but we want to allow every team to make its case. 

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