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Introducing The Power 25

With nearly a third of the country postponing until the Spring of 2021, others with delayed seasons, and some operating as close to normal as possible, how were we supposed to create rankings on a National scale? How could we rank over 150 teams across the country with consistency, when there simply isn't any? Some states are playing, some are not. Some are playing limited seasons, some are playing conference only, and others have carte blanc in regards to scheduling.

When tasked with creating some form of rankings system for a nation of volleyball that it is in flux, we thought about a million and one factors that go into our rankings. We thought about the values under which operates and has operated since its inception. We also thought about the ever-changing landscape of youth volleyball, and the necessity of continually evolving with that landscape, at the risk of ruffling the feathers of our long time readers and supporters. That includes marching on in new directions while simultaneously upholding the standards that have come before this season.

As a staff, we came to the decision that instead of a normal national ranking, because this is not a normal year for the volleyball community, we could create something new and exciting that still celebrates those teams that are striving to be great, despite the classification, conference, division, or school size in which they operate. So today, we are unveiling the Power 25, a weekly ranking of the top 25 performing teams in the country. Every week, teams will have the opportunity to climb the ladder based on their quality of play, consistency, and weekly success.

Without further ado, we give you the Power 25.

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