Shayla Holwegner Award for Courage

Introducing…The Shayla Holwegner Award for Courage is proud to honor the extraordinary life and bravery of Yakima volleyball player Shayla Holwegner with a new, annual award: The Shayla Holwegner Award for Courage. Shay died December 11 at age 17 following a 20-month battle with osteosarcoma, a rare and deadly bone cancer. The story of her fight against cancer and her remarkable grace in staring down an unbeatable foe served to inspire many, including thousands in the community, whose first introduction to this amazing young woman came in early August, 2008.

Shayla may no longer be with us physically, but her unrelenting spirit in the face of extreme adversity lives on perpetually in us. The Shayla Holwegner Award for Courage ensures that we will remember the gifts Shay bestowed on us during her all-too-short life and be able to share with others her courageous and inspirational story.

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