MVPCAST Creates Solutions for Volleyball Clubs

As COVID-19 has presented challenges for athletes and organizations everywhere, volleyball clubs have been seeking creative solutions to keep their athletes connected and have them recruited by collegiate programs. MVPCAST is an emerging technology for clubs to live stream practices, showcases and events, create highlight videos, and more, right from the convenience of your own device.

MVPCAST delivers HD-quality live-streamed video with an intuitive and easy-to-use app for a monthly fee of about the cost of a single cup of coffee. Anyone can do it and you are a few clicks away from starting your own professional looking broadcast from the comfort of your own iPad or iPhone.

Club director Brennan Dean at WAVE VBC, a Southern California club that uses the MVPCAST platform, said, “Recruiting is a big piece for MVPCAST. We catalog all of our matches and have a password-protected page on our website. Colleges can request access to the page and search by team, full-match film. That way, they’re able to either watch live at tournaments or they can watch saved videos from tournaments that they weren’t able to recruit at or weren’t present. We find that this is extremely helpful for dead periods for recruiting and also for colleges that don’t have the budget to travel and see all of our WAVE athletes play.”

With MVPCAST, users no longer have to film, then upload and edit videos. Unlike other video or streaming services, there is unlimited storage and no additional equipment – just download the App, record the video, and create a highlight reel and tag highlight and statistics either during or after the practice or match. Share the link with anyone else and allow others with the basic plan to use the video as their own. Additionally, use the MVPCAST Video-On-Demand library to watch the footage as training and education material.

“MVPCAST has proved to be a huge resource to our club because it’s a great teaching device and a great recruiting platform,” said Ozhan Bahrambeygui, the director of COAST VBC, an organization that uses MVPCAST. “Perhaps the genius part of MVPCAST is the ease of use. Whether you’re a teenage player, a parent, or a coach, everybody can be onboarded within ten minutes. The live streaming quality is the best I’ve seen.” 

With bans on travel for scouts and budget cuts, high-quality video highlights have been an increasingly vital addition to attach to a player’s resume marketed toward college recruiters. But MVPCAST is not only a platform to promote athletes. It has also been a key tool for parents to watch their children play organized sports again. As COVID-19 put a stop on big events and with “no spectators” policies at practices, parents are now able to tune in to MVPCAST to see their athletes compete at a safe distance with zero travel costs.

There are a variety of different solutions with MVPCAST depending on an individual’s or organization’s needs. A Team Unlimited Package gives players and coaches all premium features and unlimited storage at a discounted rate from the product for individuals. A Virtual College Showcase Package provides organizations with the technology and broadcast infrastructure to produce live high-quality virtual showcases – events that are becoming more popular as travel has been reduced. This takes some pressure off of the club’s recruiting coordinator and can get more athletes in front of the eyes of several college scouts at once. Finally, organizations may choose to monetize events with a Pay-Per-View structure. 

Dean added, “We find that it’s extremely helpful for parents to watch live HD-quality video being streamed from tournaments so that parents and family members can access it all over the world. It’s very helpful that you can see the live score and you can actually see your son or daughter’s face and number on the court.”

You are recording anyway – might as well take a clear picture! MVPCAST is an all-in-one platform that saves time and money and opens doors for athletes.

Hear firsthand experience using MVPCAST with success from Dean at WAVE and COAST’s Bahrambeygui in their respective video testimonials. Visit the MVPCAST website to learn more about what the platform can do for your club and its athletes.

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