Same Great Content, Slightly Different Location


If you have spent any amount of time on, you have probably become very comfortable with navigating your way around the site. With that said, do you notice anything different? No, not yet? Look up at the navigation bar and on our homepage.

In an effort to highlight our three major areas of coverage – club, high school, and now college – we have put all three front and center, both on the navigation bar and on the homepage. All the great content that you have come to expect is still on our site; it is simply located within one of these three areas.

We also created a new “Rankings” page so you can navigate to all our various rankings quickly (or you can click the the specific ranking within the “Rankings” navigation menu).

These change might be a little jarring at first, but we think you will quickly become accustomed to finding the content you are searching for.

If you happen to land on a page that says, “Not Found,” please know that we are keeping track of these pages and will fix the problem. You can also email us at and we will fix it as quickly as possible.

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