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CSW is an evaluation company and not a recruiting service that helps give information to the decision-makers: the student-athletes and their parents.

Counting Stars Worldwide

When you think about playing at the next level, sometimes you might wonder, “Am I a good enough player?”

That’s only the first question the Counting Stars Worldwide™ (CSW) program will help you answer because being a successful collegiate athlete means more than just being a good volleyball player. With a student-first approach, CSW provides “an in-depth, thorough, objective and honest talent evaluation,” says its website. The program hosts events for both boys and girls who play volleyball.

With sports and fine arts under CSW’s areas of service, CEO Phil Wright has hired the expertise of former collegiate, U.S. National Team, and U.S. Olympic volleyball player Ruth Lawanson to oversee the volleyball programming at CSW with events in Southern California.

Unlike other services, CSW is an unbiased evaluation company and not a recruiting service. “Evaluating talent; identifying opportunities,” is one of its beliefs. It puts the power back into the hands of the person making the decision: the athlete and his or her family.

CSW bridges the gap to answer that question, “Am I good enough to play in college?” with the awakening that the athlete and his or her family should look broader than just the volleyball program at the university the prospective student-athlete may be interested in.

During the session, CSW takes an in-depth look at athletes’ volleyball skills in addition to his or her academic and physical abilities, interests, and goals to give the athlete a realistic idea of where he or she might fit for the next level.

“It gives student-athletes and their parents a better starting point,” said Lawanson. “We want to help. And this process is for those student-athletes who know they want to play at the next level but might not know where to begin.”

The prospective student-athlete will fill in his or her test scores, grade point average, career and academic interests. After the evaluation period at one of CSW’s events where the athlete will go through physical and performance testing, game play, and a mental performance assessment, he or she will get a score.

With the score, CSW will be able to recommend personalized training and match the student-athlete with colleges and universities that might be a good fit for him or her in the whole college experience: academic, social, athletic, and more. Lawanson attends each event along with a team of experts, counselors, and former and present student-athletes.

“Now that they have this info, it’s up to them to choose what to do with it. The college process does not have to be so daunting,” adds Lawanson.

The CSW events will be held in Orange County at Irvine City College on June 9th for boys and June 10th for girls, and in Los Angeles at Sierra Canyon School on June 23rd for boys and June 24th for girls.  Contact CSW to learn more and sign up. 

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