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Regional Club Rankings

PVB’s Regional Club Rankings

Deep South; Desert; Great Lakes; Great Plains; Mid-Atlantic; Midwest; Mountain; Northeast; Northwest; Southeast; Southwest; West DEEP SOUTH (Bayou, Delta regions) It has been a quiet start to 2016 for Ozark Juniors 16-1, which is the No. 1 16s team in our Deep South Region. Coach Jenny Lingenfelter’s group faces its first real challenge of the new year over Presidents’ Day Read the full article...

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PrepVolleyball.com’s Regional Rankings (Round 2)

Thank you to those who took the time to give feedback. It’s appreciated, especially when information supporting your arguments is included. Everything sent in was considered, even if it ultimately didn’t impact the final outcome. Below is the second release of PrepVolleyball.com’s 2015 Regional Rankings. What made the first round so difficult was a lack of results and matches amongst Read the full article...

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Club Rankings By Region

PrepVolleyball.com presents its first regional rankings since the 2007 club season. This was a significant undertaking, and would not have been possible without the assistance of more than 100 club coaches and directors who gave their time to aid in this effort. Our hats go off to them.

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May Regional Rankings

PrepVolleyball.com ranks the top ten teams in the oldest four age groups in 12 specially designated regions described below.

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