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Nutrition Tip: Top 12 Sources of Complete Proteins for Vegetarian (or Not!) Athletes

If given the choice of picking my last or favorite meal, I’m pretty sure it would include a big, juicy steak off of my dad’s grill, combined with some home-grown vegetables (also grilled) and maybe my mom’s apple pie. It’s true, I’m a country girl at heart! So why would I choose to write to vegetarian athletes about their protein Read the full article...

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The ABC’s of Staying Healthy this Fall

  It’s that time of year again… classes have begun, your volleyball schedule is in full gear, pretty soon Homecoming will be upon us – and you’re still left wondering what happened to your summer! Amidst the busyness that comes with adjusting to your new fall schedule full of commitments, to-do’s, and expectations from yourself, parents, coaches, and teachers, it’s Read the full article...

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Refueling in the “Metabolic Window”

    In the world of sports nutrition, the term “metabolic window” is thrown around frequently when discussing the importance of recovery nutrition. This window of opportunity is not simply made up by sports dietitians and strength and conditioning coaches. There are multiple reasons for proper recovery nutrition after vigorous exercise, and credible research has been done to support these Read the full article...

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Nutritional Support for Injuries: Eating Your Way to Recovery

Injuries happen. You can warm up, cool down, strengthen and balance every muscle in your body, master your landings, and do everything in your power to prevent them, but no athlete is ever immune. There are nearly 400,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair procedures each year in the United States – a disproportionate number of them occurring in females. Some Read the full article...

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Eat like a Pro

    In today’s society of honored and admired professional athletes, many younger athletes are watching their every move. In almost all sports, there are those few players that athletes strive to imitate. This does not only apply to their performance on the court, the field, the pool, the mats, the track, or anywhere else. Attitudes and behavior outside of Read the full article...

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How to Hydrate

    It’s a well-known fact that we ought to stay hydrated. But what does it truly mean to be well hydrated and how do we achieve it? The first question often asked is the amount of water one ought to drink each day. Conventional wisdom advises 8 glasses a day. But no two individuals are alike, and it’s highly Read the full article...

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