Final 18's National Club Rankings

We thought it was about time we released the final 18's National Club Rankings. It's been a bumpy ride of a season, twists and turns even we couldn't predict, thanks to Covid-19, and some turnover within the staff. Below you will find the top 50 teams in the nation in the 18's Division, at least in our opinion. It's important to understand that these rankings are not solely based on who finished when the dust settled after USAV Nationals back in April. We also considered each team's full body of work throughout the season, including qualifier finishes, the number of tournaments played, and the depth and talent of the roster. 

This year, we'll be ranking fewer teams than last as high school volleyball may have overlapped in some states, and not everyone had the chance to play a full national schedule. Things have constantly change and we've done our best to adapt! We've ranked 50 teams. The top 25 have received a short write-up. The rest include key finishes and accolades throughout the season. There is also a section at the end for teams that we thought were in contention, but just outside the top 50.

Though you may or may not agree with the rankings, please understand that they hold no bearing on your self-worth or that of your child and their team. Rankings are and have always been for fun. and to celebrate those teams that we thought earned significant accomplishments this season. So, Kindly keep all unhelpful and negative comments to a minimum.

Without further ado, we give you the final edition of the 2021 18's National Club Rankings. Thank you to all those coaches who have offered input and insight surrounding their teams. 

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10-Foot Club Top 5

Ten feet. If you can jump and touch the basketball rim, or higher, you are in rare air. These are the top members in our 10-Foot Club.
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Giovanna Mason
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- FL
Leni Stanton-Parker
Metro Volleyball Club of DC
- AL
Mimi Mambu
Paramount Volleyball Club
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