Mother's Day Special: Celebrating Moms Who Played The Game
Players featured in this article:
Addison Wiemann | 2026
OH | AZ Storm
Sydney Jordan | 2024
OH | Houston Juniors
Caleigh Ponn | 2025
L | NC Academy
Paige Miller | 2024
OH | Midnight Sun
Eva Swenson | 2026
S | MN Select
Grace Lee | 2024
OH | Rancho Valley 16 Select

Mother's Day is here! So, what better way to celebrate than to highlight the amazing moms that inspired their children to play the game through their own volleyball stories! We have the distinct pleasure of introducing some amazing women who were fantastic volleyball players before becoming fantastic moms. But let us not forget the moms who didn't play the game, because we still appreciate all they do for their children. They drive them to practices, games, and tournaments, wash their stinky kneepads and sweaty jerseys, and much more. Thank you to all the moms out there from! Now, without further ado, here are 80 moms who got it going on...the volleyball court.


Mother's Name: Jennifer Grabow Lee
Highest Level Played: George Washington University
High School/Club/College: Rosary High School/ Sports Performance/ George Washington University
Athlete's Name: Grace Lee 
Athlete's Club: High Tide Volleyball Club 12 Elite 
Quote from Grace: "She inspires me to keep going."

Mother's Name: Coach Diana Trevino Lerma 
Highest Level Played: Southwest Texas State @ San Marcos Texas
High School/Club/College: Mission High School
Accolades Earned: All-Conference, Held Serves Aces Recorded for ten years after graduation, Winningest coach in High school Out of 18 District outings 
Junior Player's Names: Sonia Lerma, Gabby Lerma, Kassandra Lerma
Junior Players High School/Club: Veterans Memorial High School Mission Texas
Quote from Sonia: "My sisters and I started the game of volleyball during our elementary school years. The Varsity head coach, my Mom, came to the elementary levels and told all of the potential future superstars the same thing, there is no substitute for hard work. If you want to make the varsity team as a freshman, you need to know the basics, you need court sense, you need jumping ability, and you need ball control. As a fourth-grader and me knowing it all, I thought, "Piece of Cake," was I wrong! For the next five years, a group of dedicated and strong-willed girls went through the most intense training that I had ever been exposed to, talk about blood, sweat, and tears. All this prepared me for my future in collegiate ball and my future. I thank my Mom for not giving up on me and teaching me how and when to focus and overcome adversity. Love you, Mom!"
Quote from Gabby: "I wouldn't know hard work and dedication if not for my mother. I am proud to say I have been raised and guided by a superstar volleyball coach/player. I truly appreciate all the lessons and extra time I was able to spend with her in our home away from home (the volleyball court.) My mom is an inspiring woman in so many ways, and I am grateful volleyball was one of the things she got us to be a part of. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Mother's Day!"
Quote from Kassy: "When your mother Keeps telling you that HARD WORK does work, you better believe that it does. Every second, minute, hour day, month, and year has been a journey for me to be blessed to be a part of a special group that we call TEAM, which also became my second family. My hero, My mom, and My friend has taught me to go after my goals and dreams in life. She teaches that nothing is handed to you –we have to get after it and leave your mark, no matter how rough it gets."

Mother's Name: Heather Gipson
Highest Level Played: NCAA Division I
High School/Club/College: Edwardsville High School, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Athlete's Name: Addison Gipson
Club: Alliance

Mother's Name: Carla Ponn
Highest Level Played: College DI
College: Radford University
Accolades: Most Improved, Big South Conference Champs 1991 and 1994, Hidden Valley High Varsity Coach/ Roanoke United 15 Coach 
Athlete's Name: Caleigh Ponn
Athlete's Club: Roanoke United 15 
Quote from Caleigh: "Better Today Than Yesterday, This has always been her motto and is mine. She is a high school and club coach, and this is the team's quote, and she feels that we are always growing and getting better! She has coached me since I was eight, and motivates me every day to be better- she plays with me and works out with me!"

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