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Beach - Summer of 2018  


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18/04/2018 2:43 am  

Oh this poor, poor beach sub-forum. .....pathetic.

Suggestions for playing "competitive" juniors beach this Summer.

  1. Do not attend beach championships in Florida. i.e.. Rox.  Sub-par competition and extremely hot.
  2. Do not attend USAV beach championship. Sub-par completion. A shell of it's former self. Held in Florida this year.
  3. Top ranked tournaments in terms of prestige/quality of play/national in scope...6. BVCA. well run. You must merely be a member of a club to play. 5. AAU Open Nationals. ..warm up for the Junior Olympics. 4. Cal cup - very small tournament, almost entirely California's best of the best players. 3. USAV Beach HP Championships.  Small tournament. Only a few of the top players are not here. 2. AVP Championship. Came on strong in the last few years. The best players will be here. Well run. 1. AAU Junior Olympics. - Win this and you "got noticed" by USC and UCLA. 






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