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College Program for Beach VB  


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23/12/2006 12:22 am  

I think it is time to begin recognizing Beach VB as a college sport by NCAA. Is it getting closer to happening? Or years away?

It has been an Olympic sport the last 3 Olympics. They had the first ever Collegiate Beach VB National Championship last Spring. Thirty senior women were selected leading to the selection of final 8 to hand pick the 4 teams to play in the championship. Maybe it is a step toward a more developed beach program at the college level.

Instead of picking the "top" 30 hardcourt players they should have zone tournaments leading to the regionals then the nationals. Everybody should have the chance to participate and a chance to choose your own partner. The 30 best hardcourters are not necessarily the best beach players.

Down the road it could eventually be set up like college tennis - 5 or 7 teams per school for head to head matches. You could also have 2 day tournaments. Have a conference championship with 5 or 7 doubles teams advancing to the regional tournaments then have a top 16 for finals. If you have 8 regions - 2 doubles teams from each region.

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