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How About a Post Here?  


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23/07/2007 7:43 pm  

Half way through summer and there hasn't been a post here for weeks.

Okay, here's something. While the AAU is to be commended for all their hard work in putting on beach tournaments, if they're going to go through all that effort, they've got to be able to put up a decent net system.

The nets at the Hermosa Beach event (the National Champs), particularly those toward the North were a joke. Many were a foot too low, sagging in the middle, and the tops (the tape) were so flimsy that balls that should have been into the net would roll over for points.

Besides that--no complaints. The competition was fierce at this event, particularly with the addition of several teams from Puerto Rico. The "no parents coaching" rule is great and seemed to be followed by just about everybody.

What's great about beach tournaments is watching the kids work things out themselves. Figuring out their own strategy (how to warm up, who to serve, when to take time outs) without adults interfering. They learn how to compete on their own.

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