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Registration with EZBoard now required to post on Prep  


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08/12/2006 1:25 am  

Registration with EZBoard now required to post on Message Boards

A spate of spam and negative comments emboldened by unfettered anonymity has forced to change its message board posting rules after four years.

Beginning today, you will be required to register with our message board provider, EZBoard, in order to post. Registration is free. Unregistered people can still read threads; they simply cannot post.

EZBoard is the host of our message boards. Their member database is separate from ours. Paying for a subscription does not mean that you are registered with EZBoard.

To register, find the link in the upper left of the message board that says Register Your Free Account. Follow the instructions and you will be a registered member in no time.

Can I still be anonymous as a registered member? The answer is yes. When registering, you are not obligated to use your username or the e-mail address you signed up with. But you must use a valid e-mail address.

We at Prep will not have access to your personal information nor will we choose to care UNLESS you post outside of our state guidelines by attacking kids or failing to use your name if you are making critical comments about a coach or program. In fact, given how easy it is to acquire e-mail addresses, you can register several different names to preserve your anonymity. You can use one login name for your ordinary voice and another when you don't want to be identified. That was actually the original plan for Prep, but we couldn't find a way to integrate our database with that of EZBoard.

For those who strayed from because you felt the boards were getting too negative, this should serve as an invitation to return to our community and to participate anew in our forums. This is a risky business decision for Prep, but we hope the new turn toward more positive posting will get all members of our community excited about the message boards once again.

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