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Are angry coaches ok?  


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18/03/2019 2:03 pm  

My girl plays on a 13's team whose coach has a winning track record. He's a tough coach and I have no problems with assertive coaches. However, I've watched this guy coach the girls this season and I'm wondering if his coaching style is doing more harm than good.  He's a great at putting the right girl in the right position and is good at correcting technique. The problem is he has issues containing his frustration. When the girls make mistakes during tournament play he lets them have it.  He will yell, demonstrate frustration and when he pulls girls off the court he will give them a heated talk about what they did wrong. All during games.  I recently had the opportunity to attend a team social with parents/girls and all girls expressed frustration. One girl is debating giving up volleyball citing the coach's demoralizing talks. Often the girls hear the coach say 'you suck' and often girls are talked down to in front of their teammates or the coach will yell at the girl who made a mistake while in a time out huddle. It's so bad that the girls have developed ways to help each other..When a girl gets chewed out the other girls will say nice things to help lift up each other. The assistant coach has even thrown in some 'it's ok' high fives when the head coach is especially abrasive. He never curses, but I can't see how telling a girl they blew it during a game is going to help. I'd love any tips on helping kids deal with tough coaches?

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