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Club Volleyball and High School Volleyball help  


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09/03/2021 8:34 am  

My daughter is a pin on a club team and has played one year of hs volleyball, she played sophomore as a freshman. The club team is doing very well, she is one of the starting athletes on her team, which is highly competitive. She had high school tryouts yesterday. There are many girls trying out as pins, very few positions available. They are giving the older/senior girls priority, which I understand. They have offered her a spot on the sophomore team again. She is very disappointed. The sophomore team is primarily rec athletes. But more importantly, this group of girls (the freshman team from last year) had some big problems last year with behavior/drama, to the point that the school counselor had to get involved. She doesn't want to accept this position, but doesn't want to burn any bridges. I'm hoping she can decline, and then just continue to hone her skills at the club, but again, will this end her high school career?

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