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Clubs charging $50 just to tryout!!!  


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07/06/2019 9:08 am  

Some clubs in SoCal are now charging $50 just to tryout.  This money grab is getting ridiculous.  So if 200 kids show up, the club pulls in $10,000 for an hour or two.  And let's be honest.... 80% of the rosters are decided before tryouts begin.  

These clubs are for profit businesses and I acknowledge that.  Player development always comes second to profit but at some point enough is enough.

The AAU basketball has recently started revolting on the 'stay to play' tournament policy which often kicks 30-40% of room costs back to the tournament hosts.  Hopefully VBall parents will wise up to this and put a stop to it soon.  

And I'm sure overall club fees will rise yet again in 2019/2020.  They will be handed out at the $50 tryout and magically all clubs within a 100 mile radius will have virtually identical fees.  My guess is that a 1's team in Socal next year will cost approx $5500 - $6000 without travel or HUDL.  I would be interested to hear what the costs are in other parts of the country.

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