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Parent and Team Etiquette at tournaments  


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04/03/2019 1:41 am  

I would like to read everyone's thoughts on parent and team etiquette at tournaments in regards to seating, etc.


As we ALL are aware, seating is often very limited at the tournament venues.  What I constantly notice are parents and teams who are not playing or their children aren't playing, taking up seats so the parents of PLAYING girls can't sit down.

Am I wrong in saying this is perhaps one of the most rude things that can be done?

Example; this weekend at Tour of Texas Finals we were playing at one of the courts that had roughly 15 seats on one side of the court and 15 seats on the other, that was it.  30 seats for parents/grandparents/siblings etc of two teams.

This was the first game of the day and the working team was taking up 11 of the 30 seats by their parents and teammates.  They would not move.  Finally a parent had to go to their coach and kindly ask them to move so grandparents could sit down.

Many of us just stood up, no problem. But often times there are family members that would really struggle to stand up the entire match, especially elderly.


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