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Recruiting Services are a problem....  


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09/07/2018 8:51 am  

 If your daughter is lucky enough to have a college coach come to watch her play you should feel fortunate.  As parents, all you can ask for is that she is given an opportunity to compete, both on the court with her team, and for a potential college program.

Now here's the problem..... there are many (too many in my opinion) recruiting services that spend entire days at volleyball tournaments creeping along the baseline looking to engage with college coaches.  They either chat about nothing, push their clients on the coaches, or simply take selfies with the coaches to push their brand on social media.  While a player should be allowed to seek extra help in the recruiting process, these recruiters are crossing the line.  Evaluation opportunities are too important to ignore this problem.  If you think about this issue from the perspective of the recruiting service that has made promises and guarantees to PSAs I can see why they behave this way.  A big tournament draws many coaches (a target rich environment) and if you go to several of these a year and aggressively push your clients on coaches, then more profit stands to come your way.  

I witnessed this happen more than a dozen times in the past two months at big tournaments and it is becoming a real problem.  I'm appealing to all adults involved with volleyball to put an end to this behavior and let college coaches evaluate talent throughout the day and at the very least, make the recruiters sell their clients/brand before or after play.

FWIW Girl's basketball does not allow anyone to communicate with coaches during tournament play and while BBall has other issues, this one in particular is much fairer to PSAs.

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